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I started a video production company.

My name is RJ Parrish and I'm the founder of Evoke Media Labs. Since 2017, I've been creating videos both personally and professionally. As I worked with a range of different clients, I started noticing some patterns. A big one, which was extremely frustrating, was that one video was rarely enough. There is just too much to say about a business to condense it all into one video.

The problem is that video is fairly expensive. It's time-consuming and resource-heavy to do right, especially if you're doing multiple productions with crew.  The logistics of travel, the expense of production itself, post-production, revisions, coordinating talent & crew, writing, planning, etc. It all drives up cost, which many businesses can't afford consistently.

So I found a different way.

Our Story

About Us

Our mission.

At Evoke Media Labs, our goal is to help 1000+ businesses grow using the power of video. By serving great businesses that improve the lives of their customers through their amazing products & services, we will create a ripple effect of positive impact and make the world a better place.

How we serve our clients.

Video is the king of digital communication, but it can be tricky to create consistently. That's why we've focused in on creating pillar content that can be repurposed (video podcasts & shows) as a primary marketing driver for B2B businesses.

We've found that most people don't love being on camera. It can feel like a lot of pressure to know what to say and how to say it with lights and cameras pointed at you. But we've also found that almost nobody minds if it's just for a conversation about a subject that they know well and enjoy talking about - i.e. their business.

By leveraging a video podcast, you also get to leverage every other format of content from a simple-to-produce asset. The full episode gets sent to podcast hosting platforms + YouTube. Highlight clips get sent to social media. Quotes can be sent to Twitter. Quote cards can go to Instagram & Facebook. Vertical teasers go to Reels & TikTok. The transcript can turn into one or more blogs.

Very quickly, you can see how a lot of content can be made from one source. This is how all the big influencers are doing it. Gary Vaynerchuck, Chris Do, Grant Cardone, and every major media personality follows this format. Create a show - distribute - clip the best parts - redistribute - repeat.

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The show isn't about You

A key thing to remember is that your show is not there to make you look or feel important - it's there to bring value to the audience. It doesn't matter if your clients are massive corporations with 10,000+ employees or small firms with <10, your audience is still made up of individual humans. When we communicate, our intent is to speak to the person - not the company. When we begin to craft a relationship with a person, we need to establish a couple of things.

  • Do we trust them to do what they say they will? 
  • Are they credible?
  • Are they an authority on this subject? 
  • Am I clear on what they're offering me?
  • Will I enjoy spending time with this person?

People forget what you say, but never forget how you make them feel. A show is a great way to start working past these barriers and start building up a relationship with our intended audience.